Top 7 Self-Driving and Autonomous Vehicle Companies

Vehicles with smart sensors are capable of detecting its environment and navigating through the road without any human help. Some of the examples of such cars are driverless car, self-driving cars, and robotic cars. You might think, how is this possible? Well, a specific input of technology implemented in the vehicles helps them to do so. The technologies like computer vision, lidar, Odometry and a prevalent technology named GPS helps to detect the surroundings. These autonomous cars are integrated with smart sensors to identify their obstacles. The first autonomous car was designed in 1980. In the below article, we will see some of the top autonomous vehicles, self-driving automobiles and their companies.

CMU Navlab

CMU is a group that manufactures that manufacture computer-controlled car for automated as well as assisted driving. They started building the robot cars, vans, and SUVs since 1984 onwards. One of the latest vehicles manufactured by them is the Navlab 11. It is a robot Jeep Wrangler. It is designed by integrating several useful varieties of sensors.


Google Cars

Google cars are the type of vehicles that are manufactured in a way to detect any obstacles or objects very far away. The incorporated sensors can also catch the cyclist, pedestrians, as well as any other vehicle on its way. It has also got a unique ability to detect rogue birds and shopping bags. The incorporated software helps to navigate through the road for a long time without getting absent-minded nor tired.


Perhaps, this model is a frequently heard name for its autonomous capability. Tesla Model S installed with hardware permits the car to self-drive. It consists of self-driving technology, a forward-looking camera, and forward radar, to name a few. It also has 12 long-range ultrasonic sensors that are positioned in such a way that it can sense 16 -feet all around the cars in every direction and has an electric controller braking system. All these features present an entirely integrated autopilot system. These systems comprise a camera, GPS, radar, and ultrasonic.


Renault manufactures NEXT TWO; it is also the company’s take on the autonomous vehicle circa 2020. Renault incorporates one of the best of driverless operation and hyper-connectivity system. It uses Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Continental’s autonomous vehicle

Continental's autonomous vehicle

It is one of the long-range radar sensors, and the stereo camera can cruise down in a freeway and limiting the speed while in traffic.


Mercedes S-Class consists of autonomous steering, lane-keeping parking capabilities, and driver fatigue detection. Mercedes S-Class is 2014, model. The same organization’s new Mercedes-Benz and S-Class models are partially automated.

General Motors

They have invested $500 million n the ride-hailing service Lyft. It is acquired self-driving car technology startup, Cruise Automation.

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