5 Different Types Of Trucks

Trucks play a vital role in providing transportation to nations worldwide. Several types of trucks are used to transport goods some of which will be discussed below. The sales for light trucks have increased tremendously in recent years due to huge demand in the commercial sectors. The types of trucks used depend on several factors such as the purpose, distance, topography, and many more. Large trucks such as the 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers are enormous and have their purpose. They pose a higher risk when there is an accident due to their structure.

Mentioned below are the 5 different types of trucks.


The semi-trailer trucks are articulated vehicles and use a towing engine. They are best for transporting freight and cargo load and are known as tractor-trailers. A special license is required to drive these kinds of trucks. These large vehicles result in catastrophic accidents that are fatal most of the time that is why drivers are provided special training to drive these trucks for the best results.


Extra duty trucks are responsible to carry huge freights normally which cannot be carried by standard trucks. The items these trucks load might be a house or enormous items. People who drive extra duty trucks need to have a special license, as it requires special training to drive these kinds of vehicles. Extra duty trucks can be seen carrying huge cargo items or construction materials from Point A to Point B.


Garbage trucks are waste collection trucks that are vital for every locality. These trucks are designed to carry loads from the garbage. They have special containers to keep the garbage locked by controlling the odor. These trucks make a stop at every resident and collect the garbage daily. These trucks then take this garbage to local landfills, treatment facilities, or recycling plants for the best results. Garbage trucks are designed in such a way that it has large blind spots. The drivers who drive these trucks have to be very cautious.


Dump trucks are vital for projects and construction sites. They are responsible to carry construction items such as gravel, loose material, dirt, and sand. It has been seen that at various places dump trucks have also been utilized to carry waste to the landfills. These vehicles are equipped with an open box that is hydraulically operated and the dump can be dropped from behind the vehicle automatically. These are large vehicles and require a special license to drive.


Tanker trucks are the ones that have large tankers to carry liquids and gases. These trucks are specially designed to carry liquids and gases. Tanker truck accidents can be catastrophic and require special training and license to drive these vehicles. Tankers trucks carry hazardous materials that require more caution and administration for the best results.


Trucks play a vital role in transporting goods from one place to another. Trucks are enormous machines having the capacity to move from one border to another. All of these trucks require heavy duty towing for transportation. The points mentioned above state the five most important types of trucks that are found worldwide. These points will help you understand the different types of trucks used to transport goods.

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