Club History

The club was started in Sarpsborg in 1982 by a group of enthusiasts with an interest in American cars and the environment that accompanies this interest.

The club’s first chairman was Egil Bergby, who is also the founder. The number of members at first was around 30, but after a few years it increased steadily until today where we are about 170 senior members and about 50 juniors (members under 18 years)

The club started by renting club premises around the Sarpsborg area until we got a contract with NSB property in 1990, and moved into newly renovated premises at the railway station in Sarpsborg.
In the summer of 2002, a decision was made to buy a separate room, which we were offered. The premises are located in Edvard Strand’s vei on Hafslundsøy and have undergone major changes during the autumn to better suit our purpose.

Our big event throughout the years, Østfoldmønstringen 1 May, started already in 1983. At that time in a parking lot with about .100 spaces. After a few years, we grew out of that place and moved to OBS Tune, where we still arrange the Østfold muster on May 1 ,

In the year 2000, we passed 400 visiting cars and well over 2000 spectators

We also have our own club newspaper, CRUZINEWS. The editorial staff consists of several members who share the assignments and the newspaper is published 11 times a year.